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Floral Waters

Floral Waters, also known as hydrosols, are a fragrant by-product of the steam distillation process of essential oils. Our Floral Waters are 100% certified pure distillates with no preservatives or chemical additives. Clean, fresh and lightly scented, these fragrant waters carry the energetic and aromatherapeutic qualities of their essential oil counterparts.

I use them in my treatment room to clear the space and freshen it between clients. They can be used in the home or hotel room, and in your car for the same purpose. A few sprays will freshen your bed linens and pillows for an aromatic night's rest, and freshen your closets and clothes drawers too. Our Floral Waters can also be used directly on the skin, they make great skin toners, and some of our male clients are using them as a soothing aftershave–they contain no alcohol so they don't burn.

Our attractive, heavier-weight 1 oz. square glass spray bottles are a beautiful addition to any environment. Economical refill bottles will become available in the near future.


Winter Lemon

Cool, bright and lightly sweet this fun Floral Water reminds of lemons and snow. Just a couple of sprays will freshen even the most musty, dry winter spaces and put a smile on your face. Great for home, car, closets and your linens.






Soothing and calming, lavender is an anxiety and stress reducer. A favorite for spraying onto bed pillows, lavender promotes sleep–try it as a special bedtime ritual for children. You can also use our Lavender Floral Water directly on the skin for its healing effects, and to cool summer sunburns.





Ylang Ylang

Sweet, exotic and floral, ylang ylang is touted by some as an aphrodisiac, yet others find it superbly calming and stress relieving. I love this Floral Water on my skin right after a shower.





Rose Geranium

I searched a long time for this Floral Water . . . it's everything I wanted, not too sweet, not too green--and while it is a geranium, this rose geranium offers the wonderful aromatic fragrance of roses without the sticker shock. Its skin healing properties make it a great skin toner too.







Orange Blossom

Also known as Neroli, our Orange Blossom Floral Water is a crisp, lightly citrus and mildly floral fragrance. My personal favorite for brightening and expanding the energy in any room. Not perfumey, not heavy. One of the favorites for aftershave too!






Also known as Thuja, this Floral Water has a clean, light fragrance with slight citrus and camphor notes. Perfect for when you don't want a floral scent. You'll find yourself using it in the kitchen, bathroom, office, everywhere. It also makes for another great aftershave option.